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Three Steps for Effectively Receiving Feedback

As important as feedback is, it isn’t always easy to hear about our own challenges. Still, we’re committed to constant improvement. We overcome discomfort and make the most of constructive insight by applying these Lear Solutions strategies:

  • Stay Open Minded: We know feedback is not an analysis of personal value. Instead, it’s an assessment of ability. We think of it as data – whether or not we think the data is relevant or accurate. Once we hear it, we process it internally and repeat it to the individual sharing it. Doing so ensures that we are on the same page and that emotion has not clouded the messages. 
  • Stay Objective: The next step is to sit with the feedback for a while. Some of us will ponder it for a day or two, and others may discuss it with Lear Solutions colleagues. Then we make notes of the things on which we need clarification, and those with which we do and do not agree. This helps us keep the feedback at an appropriate level of objectivity.
  • Consider the Source: It’s also important to consider the individual sharing the feedback. The information we receive varies depending on this person’s position. He or she may be a customer, for instance, or an influential leader in the industry. The feedback in either case is likely valuable, but the individual’s perspective may affect how we apply the insight.

These techniques help us embrace the feedback we receive.