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Preparing to Interview

Getting an interview is a big deal. You want to make sure to prepare so that you can make a great first impression on the people from the company you meet. Different companies have different interview styles, but there are a few key steps you can take to prepare for the meeting. Lear Solutions’ leaders generally prefer to have flowing conversations while hiring managers at other companies jump straight to the questions. Here are just a few ways to prepare for either situation:

  • Arrive Early: Once you schedule the interview, make sure you know how to get to its location, and plan to arrive a few minutes early. This gives you a buffer in case of unexpected traffic and shows that you’re prioritizing the interview and the company.
  • Relax: Take advantage of those few minutes you’re early to relax, get comfortable in the company’s office, and maybe practice some breathing exercises. While we at Lear Solutions try to avoid intimidating our interviewees, it’s still much nicer to talk to someone who is relaxed and ready to have a good conversation.
  • Be Confident: If you’ve taken the time to research the company and think through how you can help them and fill the position, then there’s no reason not to be completely confident about the interview. Make sure you project this confidence by making eye contact, smiling, and having a firm handshake.

Once you’re in the interview, don’t think about yourself; just focus on the interviewer and the conversation. If you’re prepared, you’ll do well. Follow Lear Solutions for more great advice on acing a job interview.