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Getting People to Network With You

Networking is important for business, and we work to teach each Lear Solutions team member the basics and give them plenty of practice. However, attending endless networking events isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Instead, some people like to be the hosts and work to attract the people they want to meet to their offices or homes. Everyone who attends the event will at least greet the host and probably chat a few minutes, so if you have the time, throw the party.

Getting the people you want to attend your event takes time. You have to build a reputation for throwing a good party, having great food, and having others in attendance they would want to meet. There are two ways to accomplish this. You can have an anchor person attend the event – someone everyone will be excited to meet – or you can hold an event that supports a cause.

As you’re hosting the occasion, don’t forget to pay attention to everyone in the room. You never know who might be the person to open a door for you in the future. As the host, you also have the perfect excuse to end a conversation and fill up the food trays again before bumping into someone else. Lear Solutions team members like to cook and bring food to events, and know being responsible for great nibbles is an easy task.

While there are lots of great people you can meet networking, to really take the relationships to the next level, you want to be the person who builds the community and introduces the people you know to each other. Then, you’re the person who brings everyone up. Join Lear Solutions to learn more about networking.