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Lear Solutions cares about working together to create change. It shows in everything we do.

Join us so we can drive good into every corner of our community together.

Here’s a sample of what we offer:

Accomplish More

Want to make a difference for causes ranging from housing needs to clean-water provision and more? Our success is about the passionate pursuit of a better world. We nurture a training environment that delivers professional growth through support and coaching. We collaborate closely with our teammates and our partners. We share dreams and make them come true through encouragement and learning. If you’re interested in becoming part of a movement, we’re here to help you get there.

Change Lives

Careers at Lear Solutions offer priceless opportunities to work with today’s top agents of change. We elevate each other by joining mission-driven organizations in their fight to make a difference. Confronting the world’s biggest challenges, we work together to grow professionally every day. We share our expertise in everything from business and presentation skills to developing movements – all while also generating career success. Our uniquely supportive training program focuses on professional development through coaching, classroom learning, and exciting real-world experience.

Lasting Connections

We combine our values and culture to create a work environment like no other. Our team members connect with each other to share unique insights and talents. Then we connect with the world through every action we take, from raising awareness to attending informative conferences and bonding through team activities like rejuvenating retreats. We put energy, joy, and compassion into achieving life-changing results, and it shows in our office every day. It’s a personal connection to our work that inspires us and makes it easy to achieve great things.

Igniting Awareness

As we raise our voices to support innovative movements for change, we make a difference for the future. Together, we empower professional growth and energy to help move the world toward real change.

Explore what it means to join the movement at Lear Solutions today.


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