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Lear Solutions creates new paths for raising awareness about important causes. We make our portfolio of partners heard and spark action through campaigns that connect with caring people where they live. Our in-person outreach approach gets results by inspiring a passion for change in our audiences. We’re confident that our energy for social good will inspire you, too.

We’re committed to raising our voices on behalf of change innovators to help them improve the world. Our ambassadors spread the message with expertise and optimism.

Our unique approach creates bonds that open up dialogue between social organizations and people who are serious about doing good.

Lear Solutions Ignites a Passion for Change

Our devotion to forward-thinking causes fuels everything we do. At Lear Solutions, we create social awareness far beyond online marketing by connecting people who care in ways that really reach them. Our peer-to-peer marketing solutions shine a light on causes ranging from childhood hunger to sustainable food production.

That’s how we plan to create more good in the world.

Lear Solutions: Deep Values Get Results


We’re a team driven by a devotion to succeeding together for worthy causes. It’s a bond that joins us as we thrive in our unique work environment. We’re defined by teamwork striving for a better world.


Lear Solutions never stops at good enough. When it comes to the causes we support, our team members go above and beyond to champion life-changing, mission-driven organizations.


We’re great at what we do, and we’re proud of it. Our event managers bring expertise in communications, psychology, and business to every facet of our work. We put all of it to work for you.


Our optimistic outlook energizes us. Knowing that we’re making a difference in our community and beyond motivates us to achieve new heights every day.

It is through these values that the Lear Solutions team achieves better results for the clients we represent. These guiding principles bring integrity, excitement, and professionalism to our every effort.


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